the man said, “dig”
so we dig
six feet down

the earth is cold
and wet

(the man said, “one dollar each”)

the shovels are heavy
and it’s dark by the time we finish
digging the hole

“done, mister,” eddie says

“not yet,” the man says

he tells us to go back to the truck
and get the burlap sack

“what’ll we sit on on the way back?” johnny asks

“you’ll take the train”

johnny and I look at eddie

eddie drops his shovel
and starts walking back to the truck
johnny and I put down our shovels
and hurry to catch up

at the truck
johnny and I grab one side of the sack
and eddie grabs the other

we pull the sack out of the truck
and it hits the ground with a thud
(it’s heavier than it looks)

we drag it over to where
we dug the hole

“roll it into the hole,” the man says

our arms are tired from the digging
and the dragging
but we manage to push the sack
into the hole

“now, cover it up”

we pick-up the shovels
and start dumping the muddy dirt back into the hole

(i don’t have a lot of muscles
not like eddie
but all the ones I do have hurt)

“done, mister,” eddie says

“done,” the man says

the man takes three dollars
out of his pants pocket
and gives it to eddie

we watch the man as he walks back to the truck
we watch him get in
we watch him drive away

one dollar

and he left the shovels